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Guided Running and Racing

The PST running program is designed is to guide and motivate runners to a personal best in their run training and racing.  The training program is heavily coached and has a moderately aggressive approach to



PST offers indoor season of cycle training! Bring in your road bike and connect it to our Peloton cycling trainer. Peloton is a fully equipped system with over 250 courses providing real-time feedback on power, heart rate, speed, and st


Swim for Fitness

PST coaches take a scientific approach to swimming. We believe in providing knowledge, motivation, confidence and support for any athlete who wants to improve his or her swimming abilities. The secret of swimming lies in proper te



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Sam Smith

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Since 2002, Premier Sports Training has provided Austin with…

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Premier Sports Training Center

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Yoga Class!

Check out our New Yoga Class! Strength and Balance TSS is now offering Yoga Classes! We have the mats, just bring yourself. ...

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Swimming with Lava

Swimming with the Lava-Crazy?   If you want to see a extreme adventurous swimming check out this link . Read more about ...

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Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle

Benefits of Exercise Some people would be surprised to find out that exercising does not benefit your physical appearance, but also ...

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Exercise vs. Physical Activity

Our everyday health behaviors shape our health future. Since the earliest studies performed over a half-century ago, we’ve known ...

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Our Training Center has the best Instructors and Trainers to help you get into shape or better your competitive edge.

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